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laser robots
Industry 4.0Business TransformationData Science & CybersecurityEngineering and Design

See visual inspection differently: How we used Artificial Intelligence to improve accuracy and reduce processing time for an automotive manufacturer

A futuristic data center with advanced network connectivity and digital interface overlays representing high-speed data processing and cyber technology.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsQuality Assurance & Software Development

Redefining Modern Development: The Intersection of GenAI and DevSecOps 

A professional working on a laptop in a well-lit space, possibly during a morning coffee break.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsBusiness TransformationCorporatePeople & Leadership

5 ways to boost developer productivity 

In the final installment of this three-part blog series, I outline five clear steps companies can take to enhance developer productivity and establish their own framework for engineering excellence.
A vibrant neon light wave undulating across a dark, surreal landscape.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsQuality Assurance & Software Development

Can Generative AI plug the 4 million software developer gap? 

A person interacting with a futuristic holographic interface displaying various graphs and data analytics.
CorporateBusiness TransformationCompliance & RegulationData Science & Cybersecurity

Expleo to exhibit at Collibra Data Citizens ’24

Expleo and McDonald’s Corporation will jointly present the strategy of building a Collibra data intelligence foundation in 60 days and extending it to support AI governance.
Three professionals engaged in a productive meeting at a modern office space.
Digital TransformationData Science & CybersecurityQuality Assurance & Software Development

Embracing Agile Software Delivery to address the Developer Shortage 

Map of spain highlighting locations with colored pins: vigo, valladolid, madrid, and barcelona on a purple background.
CorporatePeople & Leadership

Expleo continues expansion in Spain

Expleo opens fourth office in Spain to meet market needs for digital and engineering expertise
Futuristic automotive design studio where creative professionals work on innovative car concepts with advanced virtual reality technology within a high-tech environment, simplifying data analysis to enhance decision-making.
Data Science & CybersecurityCompliance & Regulation

Simplifying data analysis to enhance decision-making: how we helped automotive engineers make smarter, faster decisions.

Promotional graphic for the ai & hyperautomation summit 2024 featuring logos of expleo and microsoft on a purple background with the word "summit" styled to appear amidst clouds.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsBusiness TransformationDigital TransformationIndustry 4.0

AI & Hyperautomation Summit 2024  

Register for AI & Hyperautomation Summit 2024, to join live online or onsite at Dublin and build your organisation’s innovation strategy.
ENSO nanosatellite over Earth
Innovation and R&DEngineering and DesignSustainability & Environment

Expleo receives first signals from ENSO nanosatellite

Testing confirms nanosatellite is ‘healthy’ and ready to undertake its two-year mission.
Business TransformationCorporateDigital TransformationPeople & Leadership

Bridging the Digital Divide: The Power of the Digital Skills Factory

Electric pilones and platform alteration report
Business TransformationSustainability & Environment

Market-wide settlement reform – A moment of opportunity? 

Alarm o'clock showing time
Business TransformationSustainability & Environment

Platform alteration: The challenge of adopting new systems for energy retailers 

Expleo logo
CorporateDigital Transformation

Expleo continues growth and profitability in 2023

Group achieves third year of growth and profitability as demand for engineering and digitalisation expertise remains strong
Generative AI for Automotive
Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

How Generative AI can proactively address issues to enhance customer satisfaction

Digital graphic of a glowing wireframe hand holding a green plant sprout, with a holographic effect on a dark background. beside it, an emblem indicating a 2023 ecovadis gold sustainability rating.
Sustainability & EnvironmentCorporate

Expleo receives EcoVadis Gold award for sustainability

Expleo ranked in the top 5% of assessed companies based on strength of sustainability and CSR practices
Logo of hiscox with text "supplier of the year award" above the expleo logo, divided by a purple band.

Expleo wins Large Supplier of the Year in Hiscox Awards  

Business TransformationDigital TransformationQuality Assurance & Software Development

Successful transition from Intershop to Salesforce Commerce Cloud for
The Creative Club

Industry 4.0Business TransformationData Science & CybersecurityEngineering and Design

Industry report: The digitalisation of everything 

Three people in a debat about hyperautomation and AI
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsBusiness TransformationDigital Transformation

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