Our role

Engineers & Technicians

Achieving operational excellence to make the world a safer place requires the best teams. We support world-class clients and work with them on leading, impactful projects. Feel like you should be part of the equation? Come aboard!


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What it’s all about
  • Optimising our clients’ supply chains

  • Managing risks and failures

  • Strengthening product quality and reducing time-to-market through innovative solutions

  • Providing cost-effective solutions

  • Smart manufacturing

Engineers working on drone

Why take an engineer or technician role at Expleo?

By joining Expleo’s teams of engineers and technicians you will benefit from extensive experiences over many industry verticals, from aeronautics to automotive, solve complex and exciting first-class projects. You’ll get the finest environment level up your game, make an impact, and have fun with like-minded innovative talents!

Types of Roles
  • Systems Engineer

  • Electronic Design Engineers

  • Safety Engineers

  • Stress Engineers

  • Signalling Specialist

  • Hardware/FPGA Engineer


Employee stories

Get a feel for what working at Expleo is like and meet our bright talents. Inspiring people we’re grateful to have on our teams!



Technical Manager in Automotive in India


Stress Engineer in Aerospace in India


RAMS Project Manager in France


RAMS engineer for Technology and Safety in Transportation in Spain


RAMS engineer for software testing in Transportation in Spain