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Our CSR Strategy

“Innovate sustainably, grow responsibly”

At Expleo, CSR is at the heart of the strategy and is driven from at the highest level of the company.

We put our technological expertise at the service of our customers and society, creating innovative solutions for a greener, safer, and better tomorrow.       

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sets bold objectives aligned with our key environmental, social and societal ambitions, and aims to help us progress continuously to meet our Group’s and our stakeholders’ expectations.

Our CSR strategy was strengthened with a new Ambition 2025 plan, set out in 4 pillars and 12 commitments, which highlights our unwavering commitment to act for a more sustainable society. Each commitment is supported by goals, action plans, and key performance indicators to measure progress. This strategy will structure how we progress internally by 2025 and 2030, as well as how we work with our value chain on their own performance.

2022 is a milestone for Expleo as we are announcing our new Ambition 2025 with stronger CSR commitments. To be part of the global effort to reduce businesses’ contribution to climate change, Expleo is developing its range of green service offerings and solutions and has taken an ambitious commitment for itself to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Furthermore, as a company with 'integrity' in the conduct of its business, Expleo applies the principle of zero tolerance to any form of fraud, abuse or unfair practices. At the same time, we commit to provide good career opportunities to our candidates and employees.



Chief Executive Officer

Pillar 1 - Human Resources

Pillar 1 - Human Resources

Enable our people to flourish in all their diversities

Commitment 1

Develop our people, their skills and their careers

We recruit candidates from all backgrounds and develop their careers at Expleo, in line with our tagline: “Everything you are. Anything you want to be”. Our employees are the main source of our value, expertise and competitiveness. Helping them develop their skills and broaden their competencies is key to creating a positive working environment.

Commitment 2

Foster diversity, inclusion, respect, and fair treatment

We foster diversity and inclusion and create working conditions that enable each employee to reach their full potential. Open-mindedness is at the heart of Expleo and of who we are, and with our Group Labour and Human Rights Policy, we condemn all forms of unfair treatment such as discrimination due to gender, origin, handicap, sexual orientation, or any other criteria.

Commitment 3

Promote a healthy work-life balance and ensure a safe environment

We make a priority of our employees’ safety and well-being. Expleo develops a proactive approach to prevent psychosocial risks and we take care to ensure good working conditions for our employees, which is an essential condition for their well-being at work.

Commitment 4

Listen to and engage with our people

Our employees are our greatest asset and we are committed to listening to them at every stage of their career at Expleo. We are also convinced that social dialogue is essential for better cohesion within the Group and contributes to its success.

Diversity helps us to be more creative, to avoid the pitfalls of certainty and the established order. The diversity is at the heart of our success, it contributes to enriching our work thanks to the added value of each person.


Share of women in 2022

0 %
0 %

Pillar 2 - Sustainable business

Pillar 2 - Sustainable business

Innovate and transform society for a better tomorrow

Commitment 5

Anticipate our clients' and society's sustainability challenges

We develop sustainable innovations that create positive impacts for society. To this end, our teams continuously identify tomorrow's sustainability issues to accelerate the transformation of our clients and the society.

Commitment 6

Offer solutions which accelerate our clients’ sustainable transformation

We innovate for a better, greener and safer future. Expleo focuses its innovation projects on sustainable solutions that enable our clients to accelerate their transformation to a more sustainable society. Expleo also helps its clients align their activities with international guidelines such as the European Taxonomy.

Commitment 7

Support our local communities with skills-based volunteering and philanthropy

Expleo is committed to supporting the local communities in which it operates through volunteerism and philanthropy.

Innovation is key to the future, both for Expleo and our clients. We anticipate megatrends that will impact our client industries and innovate with sustainability in mind: our innovations at Expleo must systematically contribute to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovation & Alliances Director

Percentage of R&D projects which contribute to an SDG in 2022

0 %

Pillar 3 - Environment

Pillar 3 - Environment​

Commit to a carbon neutral and greener future

Commitment 8

Achieve net-zero carbon emissions

Expleo recognises the climate emergency the world faces. The Group has set itself the goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain by 2030.

Commitment 9

Reduce our resource consumption and waste production

We minimise the environmental footprint of each of our sites to reduce the pressure put on environmental systems. We focus especially on the reduction of our resource consumption and waste production. Our Group Environmental Policy has been formalised to structure our action plans and promote best practices.

As an engineering, technology and consulting company, we have an important role to play in fighting against climate change and helping our clients decarbonise their activities. We must firstly be exemplary internally, by reducing our own carbon emissions and onboarding our supply chain.”

Group CSR Director

Total 2022 CO2 ​

1 0,191 tCO2e
Cool Number

Total 2022 CO2

1 0,191 tCO2e

Pillar 4 - Ethics

Pillar 4 - Ethics​

Show uncompromising integrity in our business conduct

Commitment 10

Ensure our ethical exemplarity in all our operations

We approach our business operations and our professional relationships with the utmost integrity. Our goal is simple: zero tolerance for unethical behaviours. Our code of conduct formalises Expleo’s commitment to protect human and social rights and fight against corruption and fraud. We act boldly at Expleo, but we are committed to doing so the right way.

Commitment 11

Integrate sustainability principles in our procurement

We cascade Expleo’s social responsibility approach to our value chain and work to onboard our suppliers towards a more sustainable value chain. The Group adopts a duty of care approach to ensure that no business, ethical, human or environmental violations occur within its scope of responsibility, throughout the entire supply chain.

Commitment 12

Guarantee data security and privacy

Data security and privacy are essential at Expleo. We ensure that all of our products and services are secured from the outset. Expleo requires all employees to demonstrate impeccable conduct in order to provide our customers with a secure and trustworthy service.

Success and ethics are two faces of the same coin, and we truly believe that they are both key for a sustainable and superior business model. At Expleo, we hold ourselves to the highest of ethical standards, and we understand that actions speak louder than words.

Group General Secretary & General Counsel

Percentage of employees trained on Expleo’s code of conduct​ in 2022

0 %