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Expleo innovation is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help industries build a smarter, safer and greener future for us all.

8 innovation programmes to meet new challenges

With seven dedicated innovation centres worldwide and over 500 experts in engineering and information technology, Expleo is investing in a sustainable future for mobility, agriculture, space, defence, financial services and digital engineering.

Our Open-innovation partners

Proof Of Concepts developed by Expleo's innovation teams

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Client innovation projects co-developed with Expleo

A robust innovation process based on TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels)

Our innovation strategy is focused on delivering exceptional value to our customers, fostering a collaborative spirit of co-innovation and building long-term partnerships. In our quest to build a foundation of trust with our partners, not only have we implemented the TRL process across all our teams, but we have a level of TRL validation requirements comparable to those in industry.