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We team up with industry-leading partners across multiple industries, product and technology sectors to provide you with the most comprehensive services and solutions in an ever-changing environment.

Expleo has joined forces with Atlassian to broaden the opportunities and value it can offer to its clients. As an Atlassian solution partner, Expleo is helping customers embrace new development models and keep up with the pace of technology change.
Blue Prism
Blue Prism provides Connected RPA that frees up your people to create, build and innovate. Expleo and Blue Prism work together to enable our clients to optimise the delivery of their automation initiatives, ensuring secure, compliant and scalable solutions are deployed.

Collibra offers data platform and tool that helps businesses better understand and manage their data assets. Expleo is a Collibra implementation partner with extensive experience in offering wide range of data services, including bespoke advisory services, implementation and integration leveraging our Easy Connections integration platform to analytics and BI tools.
Expleo works in partnership with Datex to bring our clients a paradigm-shifting data security solution that provides the highest degree of data protection for organizations dealing with strict privacy, compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements. Expleo delivers highly qualified DataStealth experts to implement and manage the required tokenization, encryption, masking and de-identification in an easy to use, easy to configure, plug-and-play solution.

Expleo works in partnership with Eggplant to bring our clients leading edge Digital Automation Intelligence solutions. Expleo and Eggplant have formed an alliance to offer industry specific AI solutions in manufacturing, retail, banking and financial services.

As an Emerson partner, Expleo offers the full range of advisory, study, integration/realisation, commissioning/qualification and maintainability on the control command systems. Emerson is a global leader in engineering and technology solutions for various industries. The company offers innovative products and services that help customers optimise their performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Emerson's vision is to make the world healthier, safer, smarter and more sustainable.

ESI Group
Expleo has partnered with ESI to provide manufacturing simulation offerings to our production planning teams. Our production planning teams can identify process problems using simulation rather than waiting for physical tooling and processes to identify problems and expensive change.

Digital retrofit data-driven solutions with existing unconnected machines. Expleo have partnered with Harting to provide connectivity services to our Factory of the Future [NexRevolution] customers. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of sensors and cloud solutions such as Azure and AWS IOT, Expleo have created a service to connect legacy factory equipment to the industrial Internet of Things.


As a global service provider, Expleo helps you realize your ambitions and secure your future. We’ve been supporting our clients with their structuring projects for over 50 years and are recognized for our solid experience in digital transformation – particularly in ERP implementation and migration projects. Our approach is based on a dual expertise in improving business processes while optimizing solution implementation, which gives us a global vision of projects.

Neutrinos are a Technology Vendor that provides a fast and seamless route to digital transformation through their Multi-Experience, Low-Code Application Development Platform. Expleo and Neutrinos have partnered strategically to deliver end-to-end and best in class digital solutions for Insurers, Banks and Financial Services organisations. We continue to work on leveraging multi-experience technology to deliver value to our clients.

Expleo has a long standing strategic alliance with Opentext for the provision of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services, supporting tools and technologies. The partnership strengthens Expleo’s position as we help clients move more towards DevOps and Continuous Delivery models.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services and Cloud Solutions partners with Expleo to deliver best-in-class Managed Services to Oracle software adopters. Together, Oracle and Expleo provide Security, Implementation, Performance, Quality, Expert and Management Strategy Services via Managed Cloud Services, that are now considered an essential part of the IT strategy providing operational efficiency, financial and security benefits. Oracle and Expleo have forged a new breed of strategic partnership that enables Expleo to support the digital transformation of Oracle customers to cloud-based products.

Expleo have partnered with Picomto to support manufacturers with a single dedicated solution for digitalising all their technical documentation, from work instructions to operating methods and maintenance procedures. This dedicated solution is set to enhance the productivity of operators and order pickers by creating, managing, sharing, exploiting and analysing technical information visually within a connected environment.

Elsio is Expleo’s offering to identify productivity improvements across a product’s entire lifecycle. Expleo uses Planview to indentify NVA activities in all aspects of a product’s lifecycle from design, manufacturing and in-service support. Proven to reduce lifecycle costs and return in value to our customers by up to 4X the investment.

As a SAP® services partner, Expleo offers the full range of SAP® advisory, implementation, development and upgrade quality assurance services. SAP® is the world’s largest inter-enterprise software company and the world’s third-largest independent software supplier operating in over 180 countries.

Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric and Expleo combine their know-how to support the development of the Factory of the Future. As two key players in the market, we can help large industrial companies on their journey towards the industry of the future. We offer real value creation in terms of competitiveness and performance by providing custom solutions.
Expleo has long standing relationship with Siemens PLM (Also called as Siemens Industry Software) since 2005. In 2010 Expleo signed a formal partnership under Siemens Technology partnership framework as “Interface Partner”. Expleo supports Siemens in validating the quality of their software products before they are released in the market, mainly for Teamcenter, COMOS, MOM/MES, MindSphere. Expleo and Siemens have jointly developed a Testing Framework for Teamcenter which enables Siemens customers to save substantial Time and Efforts when they implement or upgrade Teamcenter. Expleo offers services to Siemens and its customers across the globe!



helps hundreds of organisations globally to drive productivity improvements. Its flagship product, Scout learns from organisations to map the friction points teams experience at work and their impact on business outcomes. Scout contextualises these hidden pain points unique to each business environment, interprets them for all stakeholders, and autonomously generates AI recommended solutions to resolve your teams’ pains.

TEHTRIS is a French leading company specialised in cyber security, software publisher for “TEHTRIS XDR Platform”, providing a broad range of software and services dedicated to cyber security, especially with respect to cyber espionage and cyber sabotage threats. TEHTRIS has developed a unique portfolio of proprietary software covering threat prevention, detection and treatment with an in-house solution or through a SaaS mode. The unification of the components of the TEHTRIS XDR Platform is done through numerous TEHTRIS modules, such as EDR, EPP, SIEM, NTA, Honeypots, and others Expleo partners with TEHTRIS to leverage their advanced software and advisory capabilities to provide security operations centre services, as well as consultancy services.

Testbirds is a specialist Crowd Testing services provider. Expleo works in partnership with Testbirds and their leading edge crowd platform to bring our clients the benefits of crowd testing services in areas such as exploratory and UX testing for digital.

Tricentis is recognised for re-inventing software testing for DevOps. Through risk-based testing, scriptless end-to-end test automation, and the industry’s most extensive technology support, Tricentis breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional software testing methods.

UiPath’s hyper automation platform combines a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform with a full suite of capabilities, including process mining and analytics. Expleo utilises this partnership to bring the delivery of advanced robotics and process automation projects to our clients, with a clear focus on benefit realisation.