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Expleo Explores are podcasts that explore the business, technology and engineering topics that are transforming our world.


Series 1: Mastering Business Transformation

Due to the success of Expleo’s prestigious Business Transformation Index 2023 (BTI 2023) global report, Expleo is launching its first podcast series called ‘Mastering Business Transformation’

This nine-part podcast series will focus on the nine success factors underpinning successful business transformation at a large scale across the globe. 

Join Siobhán Smith, Global Marketing Manager at Expleo and the host of the ‘Mastering Business Transformation’ podcast, as she welcomes an esteemed guest each week to explore how each success factor works in practice and discovers what secrets they hold in mastering business transformation. 

A new episode will be released each week on this webpage and across our social media channels. You can also listen on your preferred podcast platform. 

Tune in: Mastering Business Transformation

Embracing a 'digital first' mindset

Mary O'Connor


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Greater board level buy-in for IT strategies

Fin Goulding

CXO advisor

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