Ethics & compliance

At Expleo, we think bold, we act reliable. Always. Our culture of compliance is strong, and we all play our part and are responsible for ensuring Expleo is a role model when it comes to compliant business practices and integrity.

At Expleo, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in performing business, in every location we operate. We consider that the service we provide is not just the result of our work, but also of how we achieve it.


Ethics and Anti-Corruption Programme

It is in this spirit that we have implemented an Ethics & Anti-Corruption programme. This programme is intended to provide our employees with rules and guidelines to avoid any corrupt or otherwise unlawful operations when performing business, and therefore ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.

Code of conduct

The Expleo Code of Conduct defines our main standards of conduct in all business, legal, and ethical matters carried out in our daily work.
It clearly sets out Expleo’s rules to be complied with when dealing with customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other third parties.

It is the responsibility of each and every one at Expleo to comply with these guidelines in our day-to-day business.
Discover the Expleo Code of Conduct

Supplier code of conduct

We hold our suppliers and subcontractors to the same high standards to which we hold ourselves. Bearing this in mind, the Supplier Code of Conduct defines the main ethical, social, and environmental requirements that all suppliers and subcontractors must meet in order to work with Expleo.
Discover the Expleo Supplier Code of Conduct

Labour and human rights

Expleo employees are of great value and the key to our success. We are committed to respecting labour and human rights in all aspects of our business operations by establishing a set of labour and human rights policies and principles to which all employees in Expleo Group are entitled, irrespective of the country in which they work. Expleo Group must strive to provide a workplace where employees can fulfil their potential in an open and inspirational working environment. We must maintain a strong commitment to high standards that deliver a fair, respectable and safe workplace for all employees in the Group and ensure respect for human rights of all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, customers, partners, and communities in which we operate. Bearing this in mind, Expleo’s Labour and Human Rights Policy brings together our commitments to ensure the highest standards for human rights assurance. The policy provides the framework to our approach and demonstrates our dedication to preserving labour law and human rights throughout our operations and value chain.

Competition law

Compliance with the legislation protecting fair competition is at the cornerstone of our activities all around the globe - this is not only the right thing to do, but it is also in Expleo’s best interest in order to be able to operate successfully in the marketplace and maintain the trust built with stakeholder across time. This is why Expleo is deploying a comprehensive competition law compliance program covering, among others, detailed guidance and training for staff as well as tailored measures for preventing competition law breaches.

Whistleblowing platform

Part of our compliance program is also the establishment of a whistleblowing platform available for all Expleo employees as well as external stakeholders.
It provides anyone internal or external to Expleo with the opportunity to report any crime, offense, situation contrary to our Code of conduct, internal rules or legal provisions, anonymously.

Our secure platform can be accessed via this link:

Expleo's Speak Up Portal

Compulsory e-training Module

To enable everyone in Expleo to identify unethical situations and improve their ability to assess and manage corruption risks, all Expleo employees are requested to complete a mandatory online training session on the Expleo Code of Conduct. Furthermore, as part of the mandatory compliance trainings, all Expleo employees are also requested to complete mandatory online sessions on Information security, Competition law and Data protection