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A man with glasses interacts with a futuristic holographic display showcasing a detailed car interior and mechanical system. Floating text highlights features such as Autopilot Control (AI) Enabled and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Enabled.
Quality Assurance & Software Development

On the road to the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV): state of play 

This whitepaper explores the state of play of the Software-Defined Vehicle and how the automotive industry can benefit from new opportunities, but also the challenges of implementing this technology.
An individual works on the assembly of a helicopter's fuselage inside a factory. The helicopter frame, supported by yellow stands, reveals intricate internal wiring and components. The factory is well-lit with various structural and mechanical elements visible.

Expleo provides Airbus Helicopters with production planning and management services 

Neon pink and blue light streams twisting dynamically against a dotted dark blue background, creating a vibrant and futuristic abstract design.

Expleo to exhibit at Farnbourough International Airshow 2024

Company will showcase expertise across engineering, digital and sustainability to help aerospace businesses unlock their competitive edge
Three fighter jets fly in formation above the clouds against a bright, sunlit sky. The jets have sleek, aerodynamic designs and are equipped with various armaments under their wings. Sunlight enhances the dynamic movement of the jets in the sky.
Business TransformationArtificial Intelligence & RoboticsDigital Transformation

FCAS takes flight: supporting the future of air defence in Europe  

A digital representation of a data center shows numerous server racks under blue lighting. Overlaid graphics depict data flow, files, and connections symbolizing network communication and cyber security, highlighted by a transparent circuit board pattern.
Data Science & CybersecurityArtificial Intelligence & RoboticsBusiness Transformation

Expanding data visibility for a fast-food giant: How we equipped more decision-makers with critical insights

A digital illustration featuring a blue check mark in a circular, glowing frame at the center, surrounded by interconnected circuitry patterns on a dark blue background, evoking themes of technology, security, and network connectivity.
Quality Assurance & Software DevelopmentBusiness TransformationDigital Transformation

5 key considerations for your S/4HANA migration testing strategy

A digital, wireframe hand reaches out to touch a glowing blue button labeled "Transformation" on a futuristic interface. Nearby icons include a brain, a computer screen with gears, and a flowchart, representing AI and technological innovation.
Business TransformationPeople & Leadership

Industry insight: what are the levers for success in 2024?

A futuristic digital screen displaying colorful coding lines and data graphs. The background is predominantly dark with shades of blue and purple, and a bright light shines from the left side, creating a gradient effect across the image.
Industry 4.0Business TransformationData Science & CybersecurityEngineering and Design

Dramatically reducing simulation testing time for a global aerospace manufacturer.

A person holds a transparent digital tablet displaying various icons including a computer, email, cloud storage, globe with connections, bar chart, shopping cart, location pin, lock, and connected people. The background consists of data charts and graphs.
Data Science & CybersecurityBusiness TransformationCompliance & RegulationEngineering and Design

Automating supply chain analysis: helping an aerospace OEM save time and minimise product discrepancies.

A glowing circuit board with gears in the center of a 3D holographic sphere hovers above an outstretched hand. The sphere is surrounded by dynamic, colorful lines and a world map, symbolizing global technology and innovation. The background is dark and blurred.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsDigital TransformationQuality Assurance & Software Development

Using an AI coach to reduce Quality Inspector training time by up to 40%

A person wearing a dark suit points at a futuristic, glowing interface displaying various hexagonal icons, including symbols for technology, automation, and communication. The term "IOT" (Internet of Things) is prominently highlighted in the interface.
Engineering and DesignBusiness TransformationData Science & CybersecurityIndustry 4.0

Tracking and forecasting supply chain issues: how we helped a global manufacturer see the bigger picture.  

An abstract design featuring black, wavy, zebra-like stripes on a purple background. The stripes vary in thickness and curve in different directions, creating a dynamic, flowing appearance across the canvas.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsBusiness TransformationData Science & CybersecurityDigital Transformation

Expleo research finds 72% of businesses will deploy AI tools in the next 12 months

New report, ‘Integrating AI: Navigating the next wave of business transformation’ finds that businesses are keen to scale AI deployments soon, with 91% confident benefits outweigh the risks
Abstract image featuring flowing, ribbon-like shapes adorned with alternating diagonal stripes of purple and black. The ribbons twist and curve gracefully against a stark black background, creating a dynamic and visually striking composition.
Business TransformationArtificial Intelligence & RoboticsCorporateData Science & Cybersecurity

Discover how to integrate AI at scale across your business

Close-up of two people shaking hands, with a cityscape superimposed in the background. The image suggests a business agreement or partnership, highlighting themes of cooperation and urban professional environments. The city lights are vibrant and create a dynamic atmosphere.
People & LeadershipCorporate

Expleo appoints three new independent directors in India

Distinguished experts Mr. Narayanan Subramaniam, Dr. Srivardhini Keshavamurthy Jha, and Dr. Varadharajan Sridhar assume responsibility, bringing widespread expertise for growth and governance.
A group of five professionals are engaged in a discussion in a bright office. One man in a gray suit is holding a laptop while another person shows charts and graphs. Large windows in the background let in natural light. They appear focused and collaborative.
People & Leadership

Designing & Delivering a Leadership Development Centre

A diverse group of six people are gathered around a table in a modern office. The group is engaged in a collaborative discussion. One person is standing and pointing at documents on the table, while the others are seated, listening and taking notes.
People & Leadership

Senior management retreat in the manufacturing sector

A woman stands with a tablet in a dimly lit server room, surrounded by rows of high-tech servers. Blue and purple light trails represent data flow, streaming from the servers and creating a dynamic, futuristic atmosphere.
People & Leadership

Helping a major British mobile tele-communication company 

A building with a sign that reads "Expleo" has three flagpoles in front. One flagpole displays the American flag, one displays the State of Michigan flag, and the other two display flags with the Expleo logo. The building address "2380 Meijer Drive" is partly visible.
CorporateEngineering and DesignInnovation and R&D

Expleo opens automotive R&D center in Troy, Michigan

Expleo to bring more than 200 new highly skilled automotive jobs to Southeast Michigan, specializing in digital engineering
An isometric illustration of five businesspeople ascending ladders and stairs made of purple blocks on a purple grid background. The individuals are dressed in business attire, carrying briefcases, symbolizing career progression and growth.
CorporatePeople & Leadership

Raising the bar for leadership

A futuristic electric sedan with a transparent design revealing its inner mechanics drives along a digitalized road in a vibrant purple neon-lit cityscape.
Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsData Science & CybersecurityDigital TransformationInnovation and R&D

Our vision of Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV)


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