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In today’s automotive market, networks are fundamental to success. Whether it’s the kind of networks that connect vehicles and software to make new features possible, or the networks that connect the industry and its people to support innovation, Expleo is committed to building both. ´All is connected’ is therefore the motto of our trade fair presence at the IAA 2023.

Visit us at the IAA Summit and learn more about how we support OEMs and suppliers on their way to a digital, sustainable and safe future.

Expleo innovations that will be at IAA include:

  • ExpleoSmeeta Briefcase is an all-in-one solution for cybersecurity resilience testing. 
    Cybersecurity in connected vehicles is essential. For this purpose, the Expleo security experts have developed a portable “all-in-a-box” platform that makes security assessments, cyber forensics & pen testing easy & flexible. 


  • The iONiX charging station impresses with its attractive design, quiet operation and customised options. Operators of charging parks, car parks and shopping centres benefit from the integrated dynamic load management that efficiently operates multiple charging stations. For energy-conscious private users, iONiX offers smart home capabilities and optional bidirectionality for energy feedback. iONiX is the brand for DC charging stations by Silver Atena, an Expleo company. 


  • Silver Atena High-Speed Inverter operate turbocompressors for fuel cell vehicles or electric turbochargers for combustion engines at speeds of up to 150,000 min-1. They are scalable from 400 V to 800 V and can be adapted to the respective electric motor and its operating conditions using dedicated control concepts. Silver Atena, an Expleo company, has been the premium developer and high-tech supplier in the field of fail-safe systems and power electronics in the automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, and industrial sectors for 25 years.  


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MobilityCorporateEngineering and DesignInnovation and R&D

Expleo to exhibit at IAA Mobility 2023

Expleo among industry leaders at major automotive event to discuss the industry’s biggest challenges, including e-mobility, sustainability and digitalisation
CorporatePeople & Leadership

Expleo’s DE&I track record earns Balaji Viswanathan a spot on the Board of WILL Forum

Balaji Viswanathan joins WILL Forum’s Advisory Board to drive change, bridge the gender gap and nurture the culture of having senior women executives in leadership positions.
Compliance & RegulationData Science & CybersecurityDigital Transformation

Governance, Master Data Management, and Business Rules Integration 

CorporatePeople & Leadership

Expleo announces new automotive office in Michigan

Automotive OEMs & Tier1s in the US and beyond will benefit from the range of services from the global engineering, technology and consulting service provider Expleo.
MobilityEngineering and DesignQuality Assurance & Software Development

Embedded software to launch a category-shifting sports car

A global OEM asked Expleo to develop the embedded software in its new high-performance sports car.
Engineering and DesignMobility

Keep within the V: strengthening embedded software for UK OEMs

Jonathan Smith, Solution Architect and Account Manager at Expleo, explains why embedded software is now rooted in the future of mobility – and why Expleo is well positioned to help auto manufacturers aspire for right-first-time development.
automotive cybersecurity
Data Science & Cybersecurity

Securing the automotive ecosystem #Cybersecurity

Connected vehicles require reliable protection against cyber-threats. Expleo’s expertise can increase the product security of your automotive systems.
MobilityData Science & CybersecurityDigital TransformationInnovation and R&D

Four success factors for software-defined vehicle initiatives

automotive cybersecurity
Data Science & CybersecurityDigital TransformationMobility

Automotive Cybersecurity: The essential guide for executives and engineers

Background knowledge and best practices for understanding and strengthening automotive product cybersecurity.
Business TransformationDigital Transformation

Is automotive the new cybersecurity frontier? 

The automotive industry takes the issue of cybersecurity very seriously. The unique challenges posed by the four major developments of the sector (automation, connectivity, shared mobility, and alternative fuels) made it necessary to implement strict regulations, so innovation doesn’t come at the expense of security.
CorporateEngineering and DesignPeople & Leadership

Armed Forces Covenant: Expleo secures Bronze Award

MobilityEngineering and DesignInnovation and R&D

Automated Valet Parking – using tech to re-invent urban spaces

CorporateData Science & CybersecurityDigital TransformationIndustry 4.0

Expleo ranked as Leader for Digital Engineering Services by Zinnov Zones

The 2022 Zinnov Zones for ER&D Services recognises Expleo as a Leader in data & AI engineering for the first time
Woman on a phone
Data Science & Cybersecurity

Master your product’s Cybersecurity compliance with our guide 

All the tools and practical concepts you need to know.
Data Science & CybersecurityInnovation and R&D

Expleo develops hacking briefcase for automotive cybersecurity

Platform-in-a-box supports OEMs/Tier1s to integrate cybersecurity by design and anticipate future cyber risks
Expleo to create 5000 Jobs by 2025
CorporatePeople & Leadership

Expleo India to create 5000 jobs by 2025

Data Science & CybersecurityEngineering and DesignQuality Assurance & Software Development

Big data: improving the customer experience through the predictive diagnosis of in-service failures

For the past four years in France, a major car manufacturer has been using Expleo's data science expertise, specifically in textual analysis, to obtain an exhaustive overview of customer satisfaction with its vehicles in service. What is the objective? To make the voice of the customer better heard in millions of unstructured data.

SWITCH MOBILITY Electric Buses’ Development and Redesign  

SWITCH Mobility has placed itself in the hands of Expleo Iberia to assist the development and redesign of their two bus models
Innovation and R&DArtificial Intelligence & RoboticsMobilityQuality Assurance & Software Development

Research Project Safe2P – Increased Safety for Pedestrians and Automated Parking

Quality Assurance & Software DevelopmentBusiness TransformationDigital Transformation

Major automotive OEM: Trusted test partner for digital after sales division

Expleo tests and manages the quality of a digital after sales system for an automotive OEM.